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Can Those Who Create Problems Fix Them?

The elites of some countries granted themselves the right to usher the peoples of the world into promising future. Widely recognized as industrialized or developed, they have been doing so for a century or more by relentlessly promoting the ongoing socioeconomic model.
The model seems to be incompetent.

Presently, the peoples of the world are questioning their very existence feverishly looking for a clue of the sustainable development.
One needs not to be an expert to realize that the economic model that assumes everlasting growth must end in a complete failure. For, "Nothing lasts forever." or, even, "Nothing grows forever." (the former is a result of the second and the latter of the first and second law of thermodynamics combined). Yet the very same is being celebrated as the only viable model as for building up a prosperous society. The criterion for ranking countries as for the quality of their economies is the measure of the economic growth: the higher growth the…
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Of course, I am amazed by the graciousness of this universe; particularly by the astonishing beauty of Earth, though thoroughly shaken by the power of humankind to act against reason and to be so destructive.
However, all my attempts to recognize any special position for humans in the context of this world have failed. This universe is vast and long lasting enough to accommodate numerous incidents like the emergence of intelligent self-aware systems (ISA-Systems) here and there now and then.
The relentless work of entropy makes every single human object eventually drop the communication with other objects of the domain. When it happens, it happens once and forever - humans say, "The object, A or B, has passed away." The termination is, as a rule, humiliating since it goes off hand in hand with the extreme sensation of fear and pain. That is why most of us feel uneasy even speculating about the certainty of experiencing our personal end. Therefore, from the perspective of a hum…

The Future of Human Kind

As an answer to many comments I feel obliged to state the following:

Statement 1. Yes, I am a believer since I firmly stand to reason.

Statement 2. As for humans:

I consider humans closing their limits. Yet, the most important task of the human kind, as for bringing up new intelligent systems out of infancy, is still waiting to be done. More precisely, this, all important business, has just begun.

(Some people call them "artificial intelligence systems". I'm not happy with the term whatever for I believe there is only "intelligence." However, I'm ready to talk about carbon based intelligent systems like humans and, others. They must express significantly larger environmental tolerance than those based on Carbon. Of course, I call them Non-Carbon-Based-Intelligent-Systems, which are also expected to supersede humans significantly if it comes about the computational power.)

Therefore, humanity needs quite some time in spite of the flashing progress we are witn…
OOELA is a symbol of a brand new approach to English grammar (syntax rules). This post is just an introduction to the idea of OOELA. However, it's still been developing (steadily but slowly). Until the big time comes, stay tuned! You are welcome to join the project at any time.
In this context, famous SOS acronym doesn't mean an appeal but warning!

It reminds public of the probability of our species to come to an end. The state of affairs on this planet points at such an unfortunate outcome Logo's aim is to induce immediate reaction of the public as well as all relevant organizations and individuals. It describes our habits to live on nature capital (instead of nature income) and propagate at rat-rate style. Such habits will eventually alter the environment (which harbors all of us) up to the extinction of human kind.

However, in spite of all drawbacks, we still consider our species worthwhile sustainability. For one thing: humans could be a mid-tier in the development of new type of non-carbon based intelligent-self-aware  systems (ISA-Systems).So, be as it may, GALILEO is devoted to harmonizing all school activities with the aim stated above. The logo is just the beginning. By the way, some people use the acronym for:
Save OurSelves (from ourselves) wh…